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Enthralltech Pvt. Ltd. (referred to as Enthralltech hereon) uses certain sub-processors, sub-contractors and content delivery networks to assist it in providing the Empowered LXP Services.

What is a sub-processor

A third-party data processor who is processes Enthralltech’s Customers Personal Data for a specific purpose is defined as a sub-processor.

A sub-processor engaged by Enthralltech, has/will potentially have access to or process Personal Data of Enthralltech’s Customers. Enthralltech engages different types of sub-processors to perform various functions as explained in the sections below.

Enthralltech refers to third parties who provide services which does not need access to or do not need process Cutomers Personal Data “sub-contractors”.

Enthralltech undertakes to use a commercially reasonable selection process by which it evaluates the security, privacy and confidentiality practices of proposed sub-processors.

Contractual Safeguards

Enthralltech requires its sub-processors to abide by the the guideline set forth in Enthralltech’s Data Processing Agreement (DPA). The guidelines include but are not limited to:

  • Process Personal Data based on data controller’s (Enthralltech’s Customers) instructions.
  • Use personnel whoes appropriate background check is done and the personel is, bound by non-disclosure and confidentiality obligations and otherwise contractually binding obligation to observe data privacy and security, to the extent applicable, according to applicable data protection laws.
  • Regularly train individuals to whom they grant access of Personal Data in security and data protection.
  • Implement and maintain appropriate technical and organizational measures.
  • Promptly inform Enthralltech about any actual or potential security breach
  • Cooperate with Enthralltech to address requests from data controllers, data subjects or data protection authorities, as applicable.

Enthralltech makes available to Customer the current lists of Sub-processors for the Services. Such Sub-processors lists includes the identities of those Sub-processors and their country of location.

If you are a Darwinbox Subscriber and wish to enter into our DPA, please email us at

Process to Engage New Sub-processors

For all Subscribers who have executed Enthralltech’s standard DPA, Enthralltech will provide notice via this policy of updates to the list of sub-processors that are utilized or which Enthralltech proposes to utilize to deliver its Services.

Enthralltech undertakes to keep this list updated regularly to enable its clients to stay informed of the scope of sub-processing associated with the Enthralltech Services.

According to the DPA, a client may object in writing to the processing of its Personal Data by a new subprocessor within thirty (30) days. If a client does not object during the given time frame the new sub-processor(s) is deemed accepted.

Infrastructure Sub-processors

Enthralltech uses the following organizations to store/host/collect Personal Information, or provide other infrastructure that helps with the delivery of the Empowered LXP Application. These are secure environments that are controlled by the Enthralltech team and are protected by Data Processing Agreements.

Entity Name Entity Type Entity Country
Microsoft Corporation Cloud Service Provider United States

Enthralltech uses the Microsoft Azure computing service created by Microsoft, and uses the Central India geolocation for storing the data

Service Specific Sub-processors

Enthralltech works with other third parties to provide specific functions or features within the Enthralltech Service. These providers will have access to relevant personal information (both in an identifiable and anonymous manner) in order to provide their relevant functions. The use of information is limited to the specific purposes.

Entity Name Purpose Entity Country Access to Customer Data
Azure DevOps Enthralltech uses Azure DevOps tool for version control, reporting, requirements management, project management, automated builds, testing, and release management United States No
WorkLine Enthralltech uses WorkLine for HRMS purpose India No
GoDaddy Enthralltech uses Godaddy for hosting and email service United States No
Microsoft Office 365 Enthralltech uses Office 365 for email service United States No
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