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Extend Training Beyond Your Organization.
Engage External Stakeholders

Deliver and manage training for all your external audiences – partners, customers, and franchisees – through one centralized learning platform.

Multiple portals.
One centralized platform

Unlock the power of Enthral’s multi-tenancy architecture to host multiple learning portals, or mini learning platforms, from a single LMS instance. You could have just 2 portals or 200, easily scaling up or down as you go along.

Create secure environments that cater to the specific learning needs of each audience type.

Take full control of data security and privacy by managing access and permissions.

Configure content across portals and audiences

Whether you need to assign a set of courses to all external audiences (like product updates or compliance-related stuff) or need to provide an exclusive access to one partner, Enthral enables easy deployment and access. The super admin can easily manage content for each portal/ tenant from a central dashboard.

Seamlessly integrate with other tech tools

Provide a seamless environment for your partner/ customers/ vendors/ franchisees by connecting your learning platform to their HR tech stack and other business systems.


Enhance overall functionality and user experience by effortlessly collaborating, sharing, and syncing with your preferred platforms using RESTful APIs

SSO Integration

No need to sign in on multiple platforms multiple times! Ensure direct access to all connected tools through Single Sign-On (SSO)

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Link training to impact

Track the real-time performance of your external stakeholders and gain valuable insights into their progress. Effortlessly identify strengths and areas for improvement, measure the effectiveness of your content and strategies, and make data-driven decisions to optimize training experiences.

Tata Motors

"The platform supports a variety of use cases, from internal employee training to partner and customer training. "


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